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The Kiverco MPS 1200 Mobile Picking Station has been designed for contractors or operators who require fast on-site and on-the-road mobility in order to efficiently carry out their waste processing & recycling operations as demand and capacity requires.


Benefit from a valuable, clean end product at source


The MPS 1200 is ideal for producing a clean product using a combination of air separation technology to remove light contaminants and manual sorting to remove all other contaminants. Light fractions such as paper and plastic are separated at the feed-in area through a high powered blower complete with adjustable air knife. Heavier fractions travel up the variable speed 1200mm wide belt, where the materials are removed and sorted into 2 or 3 bays. Finally, the over-band magnet recovers ferrous metals leaving a high quality, valuable, clean end product.














Maximize the value of recoverable products whilst reducing the amount of material going to landfill.


Whether it is paper, plastics, card, wood or metal, there is value to be gained from separating these fractions for onward processing & use. The MPS 1200 allows you to minimize the volume and cost of material going to landfill, whilst at the same time maximizing the value of products in your waste stream.


Arriving on-site, complete with its own power supply, the MPS 1200 is quickly operational once sited.


A fully insulated, enclosed weatherproof cabin protects operators from the elements and eliminates the need for a building. Full lighting, a selection of heaters and electrical outlets further facilitates a comfortable working environment.


Cabin climate options include air conditioning for hot climates, HVAC dust extraction to minimize dust, floor heating and cabin insulation for all round cold weather protection.


With access to emergency pull cords the length of each side of the unit, isolators on each electric motor and crash bars for road transportation, the MPS 1200 easily conforms to all safety requirements.


The Kiverco picking station works in perfect partnership with the Powerscreen Warriors or Trommels.


We can tailor this equipment to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information.

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Kiverco MPS 1200 Mobile Sorting / Picking Station

Kiverco MPS 1200 Mobile Sorting / Picking Station

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